Our business expertise

In addition to the supply of equipment, SOFEMA also offers associated services, which is the company’s strength:


Consulting is the cornerstone of SOFEMA’s business activities. From defining the client’s needs, auditing and assessing existing capabilities, selecting equipment and its configuration, to developing usage and support plans, SOFEMA’s experts provide full accompaniment.

Integrated logistics

At SOFEMA, expertise in integrated logistics is fundamental to ensuring the success of operations. Whether it involves import, export, or intermediary flows, the company has solid experience. Each step is carefully orchestrated: meticulous reception of materials, secure storage monitored in specialized facilities, rigorous verification of products and associated documentation. These steps ensure compliance and the quality of equipment before timely delivery to clients.

SOFEMA has forged its reputation through operational excellence and proven expertise in managing logistical and administrative challenges linked to the international flows of sensitive goods.


In addition to integration services, technical assistance, and preventive and corrective maintenance, the training provided by our experts on the use of supplied materials is a primordial commitment for SOFEMA. The company’s highly qualified and experienced teams are thus capable of transferring their know-how to clients’ teams.

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