Our international presence

5 continents 50 countries

With a global network of strategic partners and a team of experts operating closely with their clients, SOFEMA asserts its presence on the international scale, with a strong footprint in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East.







SOFEMA supports Red Air operators in the USA and Canada, dedicated to the training of western armed forces providing aircrafts, flight crews and maintenance technicians. SOFEMA operates the logistics support, leveraging its technical expertise on aircraft in service, such as Mirage F1 and Alphajet.


The European continent is at the heart of SOFEMA’s business activities. In France, the founding country of the company, we engage in various business activities with the Ministries of the Armed Forces and the Interior, as well as the service of industrial groups of the sector. In Europe, SOFEMA supplies several State clients, primarily in the aeronautical field, in particular on the military tyre segment as MICHELIN main distributor. In addition, SOFEMA has an extensive network of partners in Eastern Europe for the sourcing of solutions in the telecommunications sector and weaponry of various calibers.


SOFEMA intervenes as a faciltator of transcontinental exchanges between Middle Eastern companies and European industrial groups. The company supports numerous platforms of French manufacturing in service in Gulf countries, in both land and aeronautical fields.


A historical zone of the company’s influence, primarily in the maintenance and modernization of land platforms, the African continent remains a strategic growth axis for the company. There is significant business activity related to the Alphajet platform, of which several African States are still users.


For over 50 years, SOFEMA has supported the defense industry on the Asian continent, that has become the continent of reference for the company. SOFEMA benefits from a stable position in several countries exclusively dedicated to the aeronautic and maritime sectors.