Partners and References

Mercure Contract

Attributed for a period of seven years to a group that includes NSE, Safran, Thales and SOFEMA, this contract grants the company the responsibility to provide continuous support to the SIMMT (Intregrated structure of the maintenance of operational condition of the land materials) in the supply of small calibers weaponry and airborne troops equipment.


SOFEMA is an accredited distributor of Michelin Aircraft Tyre, reference player in the manufacturing of aircraft tyres, including military ones. Michelin is distinguished thanks to its Radial and Bial tyres, renowned for their quality, reliability and unmatched performance. To meet the urgent needs of its clients throughout the world, SOFEMA implemented a dedicated zone in its facility of La Teste, where it stores a complete range of tyres. With a highly specialized team in the field of military aircraft tyres, SOFEMA efficiently covers the markets of the entire world and offers tyres adapted to different platforms, such as F16, C130, Mirage and many others.


Top Aces, the exclusive supplier of training services of aerial combat with adversaries of the Candian, American, English and German armed forces, benefits from over 30 years of SOFEMA expertise in the support of the clients operating Alphajet. This partnership was initiated 5 years ago and encompases mutual purchases, logistical operations and storage, the support of several international clients, as well as projects in the field of plastronnage.


SOFEMA and CNIM Systèmes Industriels combine their technical expertise to modernize crossing equipment such as mobile floating bridges, thus enabling modern armies to rapidly equip themselves and regain their operational capabilities in crises zones.


The long-term partnership between SOFEMA and Thales group concerns the promotion and sales of weapons and ammunition. Thanks to the collaboration, equipement from the Belgian branched specialized in 70MM rocket launchers were sold and the system integrated by SOFEMA on vehicles through subcontracting.