Our fields of business activity

SOFEMA offers its clients a wide range of equipment and spares in land, aeronautical and maritime fields. This range includes the supply of complete platforms, both new and refurbished by our team of engineers and technicians.


SOFEMA offers in-depth expertise in both airframes and engines, as well as support to clients operating on various aeronautical platforms, primarily French-manufactured ones: – Combat aircraft: Mirage III/V/50, Mirage F1, and Alphajet… – Helicopters: Alouette III, Gazelle, Puma, Dauphin, Ecureuil… – Transportation aircraft: ATR 42/72  


SOFEMA covers a wide spectrum, including armored vehicles, logistical vehicles, and weapons of all calibers. With its team of technicians, some of whom come from the Armies, SOFEMA has expertise in sourcing parts, repairing and maintaining vehicles, systems, and equipment, as well as integrating new capabilities.


SOFEMA provides spare parts and equipment to several navies around the world, for use on surface vessels and submarines, designed and manufactured in France.

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